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Project Description
Welcome to Power Collections, A Community Project to Develop the Best Public License type safe Collection Classes for .NET. Power Collections makes heavy use of .NET Generics. The goal of the project is to provide generic collection classes that are not available in the .NET framework. Some of the collections included are the Deque, MultiDictionary, Bag, OrderedBag, OrderedDictionary, Set, OrderedSet, and OrderedMultiDictionary.

This library was originally produced by Wintellect and is offered AS IS. It has been available on the Wintellect site for some time but we are placing it on Codeplex to encourage its growth and use.
Power Collections is free for all to use within the bounds of the standard Eclipse End user license agreement. If you feel you would like to contribute, please feel free to contact one of the project administrators.

Power Collections Documentation
Please see the Releases page for updated documentation (

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